Service philosophy:
"Quality Assurance" and "Service-Oriented" are the main strategy of CAI MACHINE.Based on professional technology and flexible manufacturing process, we provide excellent machine as well as satisfactory after-sale service.
●Advanced CNC equipment, precise manufacturing technology and strict quality control system guaranteed our precision products.
●Complete service system support throughout the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service. With the concept of "Customer First", our service team will always provide the most considerate service.
●CAI MACHINE will stick to the faith: To build up a world famous brand of plastic container printing machine, continuing making contribute to this booming market.
Service Commitment:
Whole process services: from pre-sale to after-sale investment plan; from machine selection ,installation,try run , technical staff training ,trouble shooting in production, CAI MACHINE will provide professional services to help you increasing productivity, reducing costs and enhance your competitiveness ultimately.
Pre-sale Service:
CAI MACHINE provides pre-sales service in various forms, for example, making investment budget, plant planning, etc. so that customers can make a reasonable plan with less cost.
●Investment budgeting: We provide product profitability analysis; recommendation of machine and its auxiliary equipment and relevant budgeting; human resources allocation and budgeting.
●Plant Planning: We provide the mounting dimension of the equipment base, design of equipment layout, workshop ventilation, wiring and lifting equipment.
●We offer information of various auxiliary equipment of printing machine.
●Customers can have a trying print experience before purchase, this further reduce the investment risk.
In-sale Service:
CAI MACHINE provide guidance on installing the machine, free try-run and test for the new machine and training course for the technician to make the installation is safe and standard, and relevant staff members are skillful at operating and maintaining the machines. 
●Printer installation and try-run services of new machines.
●Machine operator training.
●Related technical personnel training.

After-sale Service:
●For CAI MACHINE’s customer, we provide free training until customers can use and maintain the machine independently.
●CAI MACHINE provides one year warranty for new machines. Under normal operation, machine parts and maintenance costs will be provided for free within the first year.
●To ensure the smooth operation of your machines, we provide round-the-clock service hotline. Any problem reported will be responsed within one working day.
●For equipment trouble shooting, CAI MACHINE provides a variety of quick actions: 1) telephone guidance 2) Remote Connection 3) on-site problem solving, etc. to minimize the close-down time.
●Regular telephone or email inquiry to collect machine using information; providing a reasonable resolution on common failures; reminding the timely maintenance of critical components to ensure the machine running smoothly.
●CAI MACHINE guarantees on providing sufficient parts in reasonable price. Quotation for the parts or maintenance costs will be provided within one working day.
●CAI MACHINE can provide free technical guidance if customers need new equipment, add or move equipment to a new plant.
●CAI MACHINE offers the professional service on older machine upgrading.