Standard specification
  • Printing product type:Round cup
  • Printing cup material:PP,PET,PS,EPS,PLA
  • Max production speed:600pcs/min
  • Cup height:30 - 200 mm
  • Rim diameter:50 - 205 mm
  • Cup taper:0 - 12°
  • Max printing height:150 mm
  • Max printing length:368mm(6 blanket,Index 150°)
  • Max printing length:540mm(3 blanket,pinbar plate,Index 150°)
  • Colorhead:8
  • Net.Weight:8000KG
  • Machine height:2400mm
  • Machine length:7000mm(Standard with “A” frame tray feeder)
  • Machine width:3550mm
S8600 Options
  • Hold-on device.
  • ”L” frame tray feeder.
  • Screw exact counting restacker with packing table.
  • Double corona system.
  • Liquid cooling system for colorheads.
  • Reject stripper system.
  • Automatic Ink agitators for consistent ink condition.
  • Central lubrication system.
  • Air conditioner or heat exchanger for cabinet.
Machine features and benefits
  • Well proven colorheads, based on decades of manufacturing experience.
  • Sharp print results with two form rollers on each colorhead.
  • Pinbar plate cylinders.
  • Screw type ink fountain.
  • All colorheads are identical.
  • All pressure and register adjustments can be made while printer is running.
  • Easy access to product handling areas and print areas.
  • Modular building concept and wide range of options, for now and for the future.
  • Separate drive motors for optimised settings at all speeds.
  • User friendly menu based operator panel with product setting storage function.
  • Belt feeder with pressure control.
  • Corona pretreatment with easily adjustable electrodes.
  • Quick change mandrel disc assembly, usable on all CAI MACHINE cup printers.
  • Mandrel rotation control for all around pretreatment and curing.
  • High powered ‘Curing on Mandrel' UV-lamp system with stand-by mode.
  • Belt take off.
  • Camera punch jig for printing plates.
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest environmental and safety standards.
  • Register-accurate plate adjustment.
  • 3/6 blanket mode.
  • High efficient “A” frame tray feeder with big buffer capacity.
  • Laser exact counting restacker with packing table.
  • Separate drive motors ensure smooth and stable output at different printing speed.
  • Central lubrication system.
  • Automatic lnk agitators for consistent ink condition.
  • No cups no print and double cups machine alarms and stops.
  • Take-off stripper system.
Machine Speed
  • 600 products per minute3.jpg
    -Special design of index cam designed for speeds up to 600ppm.
    -Separate AC motor driven index unit and print unit.
    -Advanced control and programming, for consistent operation at 600ppm.
Printing Unit
  • 8 Colors4.jpg
    -6 blankets
    -Increases opportunity for color splitting, improving print quality
    -Operator platform for easy access to colorheads
    -Motorised diameter adjustment [option]
  • 45 degree in-feed
    -Bending radius 1500mm.
  • Screw feeder
    -Driven system for fast stop and automatic timing in relationship to machine speed.
    -The feeder screw arms are pneumatically locked while the machine is in operation.
    -Central adjustment of screws.
Mandrel Drive
  • Mandrels are driven by a friction disk in all positions.
  • Mandrel speed is synchronised with printing speed.
    -No friction on printing blanket.
  • Sensor checks for all-round mandrel rotation.
Offset Cylinder

    Separate AC drive motor.

  • High quality (highly accurate concentricity).
  • Easy adjustment for cup diameter, height and taper.
  • Motorised adjustment for cup diameter changes [option].



No Cup – No Print
  • -Avoids wet ink inside of cups
    -Automatic tripping of offset cylinder if no cup is on mandrel
Double Cup Stop
  • -Avoids damaging blankets
    -Fast-stop of index unit by servo motor
  • Solidly built colorhead ensuring the best print quality.
  • Scaled adjustment for pressure and registration.
  • Good access to all parts of the colorheads.
  • Accurate adjustment while printer is running.
  • Temperature control for consistent ink temperature [option].
  • Top and bottom guarding.
  • Safety switch does not allow machine to run when colorhead is open.
p03-11.jpg  p03-12.jpg 5.jpg
Roller System
  • Ensures good ink consistency to the printing plate.
  • Pneumatic ductor roller control allows ink flow adjustment from panel.
  • Cam operated oscillating rollers.
  • All rollers are easy to adjust.
  • Quick release system for rubber rollers for quick cleaning.  
Reject Station
  • Automatic reject
    -Start up products.
    -Pin holes.
    -Machine stop.
p03-16.jpg p03-15.jpg
Operator Panel
  • Simple to use menu based.
  • Unlimited recipe storage.
  • Error notifications and log.
  • Free standing for operator ease.
Electrical Cabinet
  • One cabinet to house all electrical components.
  • Overhead cable channel between machine and electrical cabinet.
  • Electrical cabinet should have air-conditioning or water cooling above 37 degree Celsius (above 50 degree Celsius water cooling is needed)
p03-18.jpg p03-17.jpg p03-19.jpg
Benefits Of Individual Servo Control
  • Feeder on/off and timing adjustment.p03-20.jpg
  • Fast index stop in-case of double product avoiding blanket damage.
  • Automatic change to 2 (3 for 8 color machine) blanket mode.
  • No vibration from stop/start action of the indexer being transferred to the print section.
  • Less parts that need to be maintained.
  • All servo motors are synchronised with each other and give feedback to the PLC.
Product Re-stacker
  • Belt speed synchronised with the machine speed.p03-21.jpg
  • Cups are keep nested in each other and are transported in a V shape belt.
  • Easy height adjustments.
  • Hygienic collection tray.
  • One set of variables include
    -4 feeder screws
    -1 set of mandrels on quick change ring
20 Minute Product Changeover
  • Excellent machine access
  • Motorised print unit in & out adjustment [option]
  • Quick change mandrel ring
  • Mandrel ring assist tool
  • Central adjustments with counters
  • Repeatable settings with product recipe
p03-22.jpg    p03-24.jpg p03-25.jpg  
Excellent Machine Access
  • All the door safty interlock
p03-22.jpg p03-23.jpg
Plate Punching
  • High accuracy camera punch jig
    -Camera assisted punching of printing plate holes.
    -High accuracy to within 0.005mm
    -Reduces, can even eliminate registration time
    -Integrated plate end bending tool.
Pre-treatment - Corona
  • High efficient corona generator (with feed back system) built into electrical cabinet.
  • Pin-hole detection.
  • Pre-treatment level proportional to machine speed.
  • Ozone exhaust directly mounted on electrodes.
Pre-treatment - Gas
  • Pre-treatment is done by an oxidizing gas flame.
  • Some product types, such as cup with false bases can only use gas flame pre-treatment.
  • Some product materials respond better to gas.
  • Arcotec gas flame proportional control unit increases gas/air flow as the machine speed increases.
  • Easily readable gas/air mix flow meters.
3rd  Form Roller
  • Colorheads with 3 form rollers.
    -Sharp image.
    -Improved half tone possibilities.
    -Larger ink buffer.
    -Minimises ghosting effect.
p03-20.jpg p03-30.jpg