Standard specifications
  • Printing product type:Round cup
  • Printing cup material:PP,PET,PS,EPS,PLA
  • Max production speed:400pcs/min
  • Colorhead:6
  • Cup height:30 - 180 mm
  • Rim diameter:40 - 180 mm
  • Cup taper:0 - 15°
  • Max printing height:120 mm
  • Max printing length: 150°:300 mm
  • Max printing length: 2 blanket mode pinbar:425 mm
C6400 Options
  • Hold-on device.
  • Tray feeder with large buffer capacity.
  • Laser exact counting restacker with packing table.
Machine features and benefits
  • Well proven colorhead, based on decades of manufacturing experience.
  • Sharp print results with two form rollers on each colorhead.
  • ‘First time right’ plate mounting.
  • Six colorheads each provided with eight distribution rollers.
  • Easy access to product handling areas and print areas.
  • Optimum product feeding with separate screw feeder motor.
  • Production speeds up to 400 products/minute.
  • Graphic operation panel for easy machine-control.
  • Belt feeder with pressure control.
  • Corona pretreatment with easily adjustable electrodes.
  • Quick change mandrel disc assembly, usable on all CAI MACHINE cup printers.
  • Mandrel rotation control for all around pretreatment and curing.
  • High powered ‘Curing on Mandrel' UV-lamp system with stand-by mode.
  • Pinhole detection and reject system.
  • Modem for remote diagnostics.
  • Belt take off.
  • Counting restacker with packing table.
  • Camera punch jig / bending jig for printing plates.
Screw Feeder
  • Cups are separated by the screw feeder
  • 3 individual adjustable feeder screws + 3 in feed hopper rods
  • Screw feeder has own synchronized AC drive motor
Printing Unit
  • Driven by own synchronized AC drive motor
  • High quality offset cylinder (highly accurate concentricity)
  • Easy adjustment for cup diameter, height and taper
  • Colorheads slide sideways for easy access to rollers and printing plates.
  • Ink fountains are detachable for cleaning.
Accurate Printing Plate Punching
  • The video punch jig has a punching accuracy of 0,005mm (option)
  • Jig machine
Pre-treatment – Corona
  • High efficient corona generator (with automatic power regulation) built into electrical cabinet
  • Pre-treatment level proportional to machine speed
  • Ozone exhaust directly mounted on electrodes
  • Pin-hole detection
  • UV system
    -shutter system that allows lamp to stay in standby mode for quick start-ups.
  • Belt take-off
    -Easy adjustable for different cup dimensions
    -Cups are blown from the mandrels into the take off belts
    -Stacks of printed cups are pushed onto the packing table after a pre set quantity of cups is blown into the take off belts
Extra Access To Operating And Maintance
Laser Exact Counting Restacker With Packing Table
Tray Feeder With Large Buffer Capacity