Suzhou CAI Machine Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures precision cup printer, that is dry-offset printing machine for decoration of plastic container, such as: yogurt cups, milk tea cups,juice cups, coffee cups, ice cream cups,drink cups, food barrels, oil drums, flower pots and so on. After fully absorbed the international advanced technology and assembly processes, CAI MACHINE has carried out fruitful improvement and innovation based on the years’ experience in the industry, and CAI MACHINE has several technical patents.
Many features of our machines, such as stability, printing quality and production efficiency, have reached the international top level in this industry. Thus, our machines represent the highest level in domestic industry.
Demand-oriented, Result-orientated, Leading technology, Quality service” is our principle; Providing cost-effective printing solutions is our purpose.
Our machines have these advantages and characters: stable and reliable, highly efficient and environmental friendly, high precision, safely and easily operate.
Stable and reliable: the machine meets 7 * 24 hours continuous production needs, and stable print quality at high speed; rather low failure rate. Our machine can be stably used for more than 20 years under good maintenance.
Highly efficient and environmental friendly: the machine can print continuously and stably at a high speed up to 500/cups - 600/cups per minute(according to different machine and cups). Minimal maintenance downtime and low scrap rate is our machine’s advantage. The feature of printing directly on container simplified the printing process, improved production efficiency and reduced production costs.
High precision: up to 120 lines per inch printing precision make sure the sharp results.
Safety: All electrical components on the machine are European and USA brands. The machine’s design and assembly accord with CE standards. Rigorous design concept ensures the safety of equipment and its operators.
Easy to operate: Human–Machine Interaction, a variety of usability testing functions and fast product changing system allows the operator get started easily without complicate training.
We firmly believe that: customer’s demand is our growing power to further improvement and innovation. FOR BETTER PRINT! We will provide customers with better and better printing machines!